What a difference a year of Watson Analytics makes

General Manager of Solutions, IBM Analytics

What a year it’s been

A year ago, IBM introduced Watson Analytics to the market at a special live event with incredible fanfare and success. And, just 10 months ago, we made the freemium edition of Watson Analytics generally available to the world. I can confidently say that Watson Analytics is revolutionizing analytics for every business user.

We're ahead of the pack

Automatically generated visualizations and guided analytics that show you insights—even when you’re not sure what you want to know—are brought to you from the cloud as a service. Predictive analysis is done automatically so you can see what’s most likely affecting your business outcomes without knowing a lick of data mining or machine learning. These are just some of the capabilities that put us ahead of the pack in our industry.

But what really helps us stand out from Tableau or Qlik or Microsoft Power BI or Amazon’s new QuickSight is the fact that Watson Analytics a springboard to the Cognitive era with natural language processing and cognitive analytics, which are backed by IBM’s extensive research and leadership in Cognitive Computing.

So, we’re having with another event

On October 14, we will be holding an event in New York that continues our focus on analytics for all and celebrates the amazing progress and success we've had with Watson Analytics. I'd like to share a little bit about the event with you to encourage you to tune into the livestream.

Customers sharing real-world success stories

You don’t have to take our word for it that Watson Analytics is revolutionizing business. At the event, which is called: Analytics for All: Empowering Everyone to Know, customers will share how they're improving their business with Watson Analytics. Companies like Mears, Omnicom, Zions Bancorp and Point Defiance Zoo have inspirational stories to tell in terms of the things they've been able to do with Watson Analytics. analytics for all

But that’s only part of what’s happening at the event. Because we are committed to continuous innovation, the event will also showcase our plans for powerful new capabilities. These new capabilities will automate the analytics for key business processes and are powered by some of our very best collaborators like Twitter, Deloitte, the American Marketing Association and Ogilvy and Mather.

The “mighty mo”

And there’s even more. We'll be highlighting the momentum we've had in the industry. Frankly, the speed of adoption of Watson Analytics is significant, not just for IBM, but in the history of analytics tools. In fact, in 10 months, we’ve seen adoption numbers that have surpassed where Qlikview was after a number of years, and this is huge. We’ll share our progress and some exciting numbers, which I think will really surprise and energize you.

You’re invited

So, I would like to invite you to attend the livestream of this event, which will be from 10:00 AM-12:00 PM ET on October 14. I'll be there as a speaker, along with IBM Senior Vice President Bob Picciano, Stephen Dubner—coauthor of Freakonomics and a fascinating speaker on analytics topics—and Ari Kaplan, an expert on sports analytics. This is a tremendous lineup.

It's going to be a very high quality event that you won’t want to miss. You can register here.

I’m excited to celebrate success—now and in the future

It's been a very short year since we introduced Watson Analytics, and we're really going to celebrate it on October 14 with an incredible display of industry leadership, customer information, of new innovation, of momentum. I look forward to speaking to the New York audience and to livestream viewers like you worldwide.