What do business leaders have to say about the Internet of Things?

General Manager, Internet of Things, IBM

The Internet of Things is here. It’s in everything we do, from the time we wake up in the morning and turn on something electronic with a smart phone app to driving to work in a connected car to badging into the office. The things we interact with daily are connected, or they soon will be. The Internet of Things affects our personal lives, but it’s also changing the way we do business.

Take aviation for example. A commercial airplane takes 6 million parts from to build. The Internet of Things is transforming the aviation industry by enabling highly efficient supply chains, smart design and engineering processes, and the ability to reduce operation and maintenance costs once a plane is in the sky.

Aviation is just one example. Automobiles, insurance, retail, telecommunications—all these industries and many others are expected to be transformed by the Internet of Things. And the most impressive cases are likely be those in which businesses collaborate across industries to create new solutions.

Facilities management is another area where we are seeing huge strides as a result of the Internet of Things. Smart buildings are helping owners improve operations and decrease costs and helping to create a more personalized environment for tenants. The day is rapidly approaching when the mere act of a person walking into a building will cause the building to become instantly, digitally aware of the environment necessary to help make that person comfortable. Buildings and facilities are places where we work, collaborate and build. The Internet of Things is helping buildings to become more than containers; they are becoming places that can help their occupants automate tasks and improve comfort to reduce fatigue, which can help increase productivity.

I recently moderated a panel with business leaders spanning several industries that are using the Internet of Things to transform how they do business. I hope you’ll listen and get some ideas on how you may be able to capitalize on the Internet of Things to help change how you do business.