What it means to be a pioneer in healthcare transformation

RHIA,Global Healthcare Industry Ambassador, IBM Information Management

Recently I was the recipient of the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) 2013 Pioneer Award for my work over the years in advancing data standards, data quality and international health information management. To say I was honored to be in the company of previous award winners, as well as other recipients from 2013, would be an understatement. 

I'm sharing this news because I want to point out that my works are just one tiny step on the journey all healthcare technology and healthcare providers are taking to improve the effectiveness and safety of care delivery, while reducing costs. By embracing data quality and data standards we are paving the way for healthcare transformation in our local communities, in our respective nations and around the globe. We make incremental steps in the transformation journey by mastering and creating trusted data that supports a patient centric or a provider centric view of data. We take a significant step when we use data to gain insight into best practices and change processes accordingly. We take an even larger transformation step when we use the variety of healthcare data that has previously been untapped, such as streams, unstructured and semi-structured. There is a wealth of information in records just waiting for researchers, scientists and providers to explore, with limitless possibilities. 

I am a tireless advocate for “think global, act local.” Healthcare challenges have many common denominators, and I believe that by employing the right attitude, the industry can be transformed in my lifetime, and perhaps even before I retire!

My successes and recognition are a reflection of the tremendous support I’ve had from my domestic and international colleagues throughout my career. It is through their collective assistance in editing, brainstorming and visioning that I have been able to evangelize the importance of accurate, scalable patient and provider identification strategies, data quality, analytics, big data, and information governance. 

Cheers and congratulations to my family, mentors and colleagues who have supported me over the past 35 years!

As Global Healthcare Ambassador for IBM, Lorraine Fernandes is a trusted advisor to healthcare clients helping them find solutions that often include IBM software and services.