What Larry Didn't Say This Year

Netezza Marketing Executive, Asia Pacific

Netezza Vice President of Corporate Marketing Tim Young is blogging from Oracle OpenWorld today.

Oracle OpenWorld is an event we often look forward to with a bit of expectation. While Oracle and its Exadata are often viewed as one of Twinfin’s largest antagonists, we view Larry’s ability to super-charge the industry conversation with his keynote and set forth his aggressive vision for both Oracle and the DWA industry at large with the healthy respect one would give a worthy adversary.

Yet, after sitting through this year’s keynote, we were a bit perplexed. Judging from the social sphere, we weren’t alone:

“#oow10 The opening keynote is supposed to set the tone for the conference. This one is not opening on a high note. #fail”  Tweet by Forrester Research VP, Paul Hamerman (

“You know it's bad when audience members start reading the conference schedule to escape”  Tweet by IDC Analyst, Elaina Stergiades. (

“Was this really what the 41,000 attendees who headed into San Francisco for a weekend kickoff wanted to hear? Apparently not. After covering Oracle OpenWorld for a few years now, I can’t recall a time when attendees walked out of a Larry Ellison keynote in droves the way they did this year,” said Sam Diaz, ZDNet blogger (

What happened to the bold challenges of yesteryear?  When, from a position of supreme confidence, he’d stalk the stage, calling out partners and opponents alike.  Where were the mentions of chief rivals and gauntlet-dropping, nose-thumbing to giants?  Where were the bold, $10 million dollar challenges? (

With the closing address tonight, we look forward to some of that old Ellison fire. We may not always agree with Larry, but rarely has he disappointed . . .