What’s in a name? IBM Bluemix Data Connect emerges from DataWorks

Program Director, Offering Management - IBM Bluemix Data Connect, IBM

Do you know what Backrub, Blue Ribbon Sports and Brad’s Drink have in common? These labels are the original names of three highly familiar brands known worldwide: Google, Nike and Pepsi, respectively. IBM has recently implemented a similar moniker change by announcing the renaming of its flagship, self-service data preparation offering, IBM DataWorks, to IBM Bluemix Data Connect. In addition, the DataWorks name has been elevated to describe the latest IBM Watson initiative: Project DataWorks.

Project DataWorks enables data-driven professionals to work together to quickly find new and unexpected insights that can deliver business-changing results. IBM Bluemix Data Connect is the main provider of data ingest capabilities for Project DataWorks, which also includes offerings for analytics, data persistence and deployment. Over time, Bluemix Data Connect is expected to expand to include capabilities such as data integration, data quality, entity matching and governance—all designed to be delivered in an end-to-end, self-service user experience for a variety of data-driven professionals. innovation

IBM customers are using IBM Bluemix Data Connect to ingest and transform data from on-premises transactional systems and systems of engagement in the cloud to produce data sets that can be analyzed to find new relationships and generate new business insights. IBM Bluemix Data Connect can accelerate the data-conversion process to derive valuable sources of insight. And it can do so whether it’s applied to establishing new data warehouses on premises or in the cloud, creating analytics sandboxes for users inside and outside of the enterprise or simply shaping and enriching data from spreadsheets.

Self-service data preparation

IBM Bluemix Data Connect got its start as a cloud-native, self-service data preparation service targeting business analysts and providing them with powerful tools to automate their data preparation and movement needs. The design principles that are required to support business analysts continue to drive IBM Bluemix Data Connect as the offering expands to include capabilities that target other more technical users. It continues to be the embedded provider of data connectivity and preparation for IBM Watson Analytics. And it is designed to continue to enhance the usability and functionality required to support the data preparation needs of business analysts throughout the enterprise. Recent enhancements include the ability to support a variety of new file types such as Apache Avro, Apache Parquet, comma-separated values (CSV), JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) and Microsoft Excel. It also enables regular scheduling of data preparation activities.

Self-service data integration

High-performance, on-premises extract, transform and load (ETL) tools targeting application developers and data engineers have traditionally dominated the data integration market space. However, as increasing volumes of enterprise data make their way into the cloud and into nontraditional systems of engagement, business analysts also have data integration needs that IT departments can’t keep pace with. Moreover, business and technical resources are often required to collaborate to produce everything from data-driven business insights and dashboards to extracts for audits and compliance. The recently released data integration features in IBM Bluemix Data Connect that include a new canvas for designing data flows support this collaboration and are expected to continue to be enhanced to accommodate additional complex data transformations.

Analytics acceleration

Learn more about IBM Bluemix Data Connect and its wide range of operations at your disposal for combining data from disparate sources and creating your own data sets to help propel your analytics projects forward quickly and accurately. Also, learn how to design a data flow using IBM Bluemix Data Connect.

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