What’s your game plan for AI? 

Learn what sets the winners apart in an upcoming webcast and live event in NYC

Creative and Editorial Lead, Data and AI, IBM

Imagine this scenario: two companies are on the brink of extinction. 

A few years ago, they dominated the market, but now they face the very real threat of being displaced. With this in mind, both companies begin making investments in AI. Which one would you guess is going to come out the winner?

The answer is the one who laid out a strategy for how to turn those investments into value for their business.  

If you still don’t have an AI strategy in the second half of 2018, that’s like not having a mobile strategy in 2010 or even worse, an internet strategy in 2000, as IBM Analytics General Manager Rob Thomas likes to put it. 

So to avoid being on the losing end, how do you change the game?

On 13 September, Thomas, together with ESPN anchor Hannah Storm, will lead a discussion around the transformative potential of AI, the importance of a multi-cloud architecture and how companies representing a range of industries — from manufacturing to health care — are winning with AI.

Expert commentary will be provided by Janine Sneed, vice president of digital transformation at IBM, and Daniel Hernandez, vice president of IBM analytics offerings, who will analyze each client’s plays.

You’ll come away understanding four key steps toward implementing an effective AI strategy, including how to bring the benefits of cloud on premises so you can start to modernize your business, thanks in part to containers that revolutionize how businesses can use their data. 

Take Niagara Bottling, the largest supplier of private label bottled water in the US, which services corporations including Walmart and Costco. Niagara saw an opportunity to save on plastic use by optimizing the settings of its pallet wrappers, machines that wrap an entire pallet stacked with cases of bottles in multiple revolutions of stretch plastic. Using Watson Studio, the IBM Data Science Elite team developed a model for Niagara that could predict the risk of film breakage for any given equipment settings. 

This is just one example. To hear more about how Niagara is optimizing its supply chain and reducing costs with machine learning and AI and learn how others are changing the game in their industries, stay tuned for the play by play accounts.

Attend in person in New York at 6:30 PM EST and enjoy intimate networking and learning sessions, or alternatively catch the livestream from your home or office. 

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Catch a preview of the event in this video featuring Rob Thomas.