Where HR and customer experience intersect

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People are on both sides of the customer experience equation: customers and employees. Though shifts in one side of the equation do not always equate to a shift in the other side, invariably the effect is tangible. Parkington and Buxton’s study of the U.S. banking sector in the Journal of Applied Psychology reports that “68 percent of customers leave a company because of poor employee attitudes.” Flipping the spotlight to customers, MCA Brand Ambassador  tells us that “41 percent are loyal because of good employee attitude.” With the employee as the biggest factor in the customer equation, how does the human resources department play a role in reshaping customer experience?

In our next #CXO Twitter chat, guests Jason Livingston VP customer experience at Employma (@iamlivingston) and David Bernstein, VP of Big Data for HR division at eQuest (@BigDataforHR) lead the conversation as we discuss "Where HR and Customer Experience Intersect." Natasha Bishop (@Natasha_D_G) will be leading the chat using Twitter handle @IBMbigdata and you can join easily using Tweetchat, where the hashtag #CXO is automatically appended to each tweet you send during the chat, streamlining the chat process.

Below are the questions we’ll be discussing as well as reference articles to help inspire the March 24 #CXO Twitter chat at 12 p.m. EST. Join us!

#CXO chat discussion questions

  1. How can CX and HR departments better collaborate on customer experience initiatives?
  2. How do businesses, specifically HR ensure employee alignment with: product, company and customer experience strategy?
  3. How should HR departments leverage data when hiring customer facing professionals?
  4. How does HR drive knowledge share and training across customer facing departments and across the organization?
  5. How can HR leverage customer feedback to improve employee engagement?
  6. How can organizations ensure high employee engagement equates to a better customer experience?
  7. What specific steps can HR take to impact customer experience improvement?
  8. What do you think the role of HR would be in the customer experience of 2020?

#CXO chat reference articles:

#CXO Chat Guests:


Jason Livingston is VP Customer Experience at Employma. His experience includes providing world-class operational leadership, customer experience, exceptional client services, effective brand community development, successful start-up endeavors and effective change management projects. Jason has an established record of success at the General Management level (VP, Director and CM) in setting up business units, teams and live service deployments. His background is in support operations and outsourcing for customer experience, brand community development and management, and consumer support. 

David Bernstein.jpg

David Bernstein is VP "Big Data for HR" division at eQuest. He is an innovative senior HR leader with a proven track record of success in creating Global HR Technology and Operations strategies. David is adept at then designing and implementing technology solutions and business processes that create high value. He is highly effective in creating strategic HR capabilities through my strong experience at the intersection of people, processes, and technology coupled with my deep understanding of the business process requirements of all the HR disciplines. David is particularly skilled at examining dynamic environments and developing and implementing action plans that support the business needs. David Bernstein has a reputation for delivering World-Class HR Technology solutions and processes, designing, and facilitating the execution plan, and leading the Change Management process to enable rapid return on the investment.

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