Who owns your consumer data strategy?

Social Business Manager, IBM

Who owns your consumer data strategy? If the answer isn’t obvious, then maybe you should rethink your data and analytics strategy. Too often, consumer products companies struggle to piece together consumer information that is stored in silos, sourced from a range of third parties. To use such information for a single work group’s purpose, organizations need a comprehensive enterprise consumer data and analytics strategy that can help them make sense of how they can use information to enhance the consumer experience and nurture brand advocacy.

To begin rethinking your consumer data strategy, consider the following:

  • What business problems are you trying to solve—and, based on potential value returned, what are your business priorities?
  • What are the data dependencies to address these problems?
  • Is the data trusted, timely and sufficiently complete to fuel consumer insights?
  • What gaps exist in capabilities and skills?
  • How would mature analytics capabilities and skills benefit the business?
  • How do you expect data and analytics to nurture relevant point-in-time consumer engagement?
  • Are analytics projects sequenced in ways that demonstrate rapid time to value?
  • Does your analytics road map help support initiatives that are designed to drive brand love? consumer products company found these questions particularly revealing. At Insight 2015, listen as representatives of the company share their experiences with an enterprise initiative designed to drive brand love by engaging consumers effectively. Before that initiative, when consumer information was housed in disparate silos instead of a single centralized database, the business generated incomplete snippets of information that didn’t lend themselves to the development of a complete, contextual view of consumers. Only when the company could rely on a data and analytics hub was it able to achieve suitable precision in marketing and communications.

And that’s not all—at IBM Insight 2015, you’ll also learn how consumer product companies and businesses from a variety of sectors have adopted IBM solutions for a wide range of purposes:

  • Creating personalized marketing messages using social media data
  • Leveraging analytics to build brand loyalty
  • Reaching consumers at all touchpoints, including mobile and point-of-sale
  • Developing and delivering rich real-time offers based on consumer insight
  • Integrating data from multiple platforms into a single efficient platform
  • Generating reporting tools to keep abreast of paths to purchase

To discover the value of data analytics for your consumer engagement initiatives, attend Insight 2015, scheduled for 25–29 October in Las Vegas. If you can't make it to the conference, be sure to sign up for IBMGO, the new social hub and free interactive digital experience for IBM Insight 2015.