Why data science should be your top priority

Content Marketing Manager, Data Science, IBM Analytics, IBM

Disruptive companies keep executives up at night for a reason. They don’t politely knock on the door and follow established rules. Instead, you blink, and out of nowhere your competition is soaring past you. Change no longer happens in a matter of months. Try hours. Seconds. It already happened.

What happened? A company that wasn’t even in your industry launched a new product and has completely flattened you. Sound familiar? It does for anyone who’s familiar with Uber. Uber first launched as a transportation service, using data and analytics to provide customers with easy, accessible and fast transportation directly from their phone. Now, Uber has since expanded to beyond just transportation, offering additional services from consumers’ phones such as meals and delivery.

Where to start?

Companies such as Uber have realized the competitive advantage data and analytics can bring, and the value it can provide customers. The key to innovating ahead of the competition is adopting a data-first methodology, driven by data science, technology, talent and skills—and, of course, investing in a data science team.

For the chief data officers (CDOs) and analytics leaders, creating a culture that embraces innovation and education around data and analytics is important. Equally important is to learn how other companies are embracing data science to drive change and invest in the right skills and tools to support your team.

For the data science professionals, including data scientists and data engineers, you have the opportunity to identify hidden patterns, derive new insights and to collaborate across teams. The power lies in your hands to uncover opportunities that not only change the way your business works, but also can change the way our world operates.

Why now?

The question, why data science, is no longer relevant—rather, the question is how to do data science? Learn about the technology and tools that are available, and build a culture that embraces skill building and innovation. Check out this infographic to see stats on why investing in data science is vital and what companies are doing in this space, and then head over to our Data Scientists webpage to learn what IBM’s take is on data science. 

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