Why Do You Love Informix?

The end of 2010 was a busy time for Informix, wasn’t it? There were lots of new developments, including the release of a new version of IBM® Informix® database. Saying that might take some getting used to: IDS is no more; it’s officially “Informix.” In this case, it’s Informix Version 11.7, and it’s packed with new features. You’ll want to read more about this version at the International Informix Users Group (IIUG) site. Also at the IIUG site is information on how IIUG members can download a free Developer Edition of the new release for many of the most popular platforms. [Editor’s note: See also Hands-on First Look:Informix 11.7 from this issue, originally published in January 2011.]

I’d also like to introduce you to someone. Many in the Informix community already know Rob Thomas, the vice president of business development for IBM Information Management. He is personally overseeing all aspects of the Informix business around the world. Lots of old, incorrect rumors are still out there about Informix, and Rob is setting the world straight. You can read his updated letter to the Informix community on the IIUG Web site.

And, it’s time for me to tell you about the upcoming fourth annual 2011 IIUG Informix Conference at the Overland Park Marriott (Kansas City area) May 15–18, 2011. This year’s conference will feature over 80 technical sessions and more than eight half-day tutorials on the Sunday prior to the conference.

This is the largest gathering of Informix professionals anywhere, and vendors from all over the world will be there. At last year’s event, we had attendees from four continents and 22 countries, including the famous Brazilian contingent (they definitely helped out the Kansas City economy). Don’t wait until the last minute—each of the last two years we have nearly closed the registration due to space limitations. With a much better economy, we strongly anticipate outgrowing the hotel this year! For full information about the conference, visit

One last thing: I am gearing up to write my future columns, and I need your help. See, the magazine editor always has to send me a friendly note every issue asking me where my column is. So I have an idea. Next issue I want to take up a theme that got started by accident a few weeks ago when I sent a worldwide email blast to the IIUG members on “Why I use Informix.” Rather than tell you all why I use it, let me ask you to tell me why you use Informix. If you read this column, please take two minutes, visit, and fill in the form to send it to me. I promise not to use any names or company names unless you tell me I can. Please help me out and give me your thoughts, so I can get my column in on time.