Why Our Customers Make Netezza a Smarter, Better Company

Senior VP of Operations

Netezza is a customer-centric organization, and it’s been that way since the very start. The company transformed from an idea on piece of paper in 2000 to a fast-growing company on the conviction that if our customers are successful, our business will succeed, too.

That's why it is so gratifying that Netezza’s customer support team won top honors from the International Business Awards (a division of the Stevie Awards) for the second year in a row for Best Customer Service. In the last two years, Netezza Customer Support has won four Stevie awards, six Omega NorthFace awards and two STAR awards from the SSPA (Service and Support Professionals Association). When we say Netezza provides award-winning customer service, we mean it!



As we've grown, our conviction that dependable, helpful customer care and support is critical to our business hasn't wavered, and neither has our belief in the advancement of progress. We are always thinking of new and better ways to ensure that Netezza’s customer support and care is always excellent.

Ten years after our launch, our basic formula hasn’t changed: Listen to our customers and use that information to improve our services and products. By sharing customer insights across the organization, continuous improvement is built into our company’s DNA.


Netezza’s customers have a wide variety of processes, hardware and network configurations that often require unique support requirements.  Because our client base is so diverse, we realized early on that self-help, one-size-fits all customer care solutions wouldn’t cut it, so we provided customized support plans built to each customer’s individual needs.

Our talented, skilled team of support specialists makes it happen. All of these experts share a valuable combination of excellent communications skills and deep technical knowledge.  The emphasis is on collaboration, both with customers and with each other. Netezza even offers paid incentives to encourage our cross-functional support teams to work together to resolve customer concerns.

Above all, we’re not a faceless hierarchal call center. We always want to get to know our customers personally – through customer visits, technical account management briefings and simple telephone conversations. And if they ever arise, your problems are our problems. Time-consuming issues get the full focus of a Netezza team to reach a resolution as soon as possible. We also depend on our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), Netezza specialists with extensive knowledge about particular issues that are relevant to our customers.


Beyond dedication and hard work, there is no magic potion for delivering world-class customer service. But this simple formula works well for Netezza: as our customer, your success is our success. And when you win, it puts smiles on our faces every time.