Why should automotive and manufacturing CTOs care about Hadoop?

Product Marketing Manager

Growing use of telematics and other sensor technologies is changing the way automotive and manufacturing companies approach their customers and their business strategies. This streaming data, along with customer data, joins the massive volume of data from internal business operations, R&D activities, supply chain management and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems to present organizations with huge opportunities to gain a competitive edge.

Deploying Hadoop and other big data and analytics technologies allows auto and manufacturing companies to manage all of that data effectively. These three imperatives are especially critical in a global marketplace:

  • Increase customer satisfaction and retention: Hadoop enables organizations to integrate data from call center operations, social media, service records, product surveys and more to gauge customer sentiment and respond appropriately to feedback. Using Hadoop, marketing and sales teams can better identify cross-sell opportunities, and design teams can collect opinions on new and proposed design concepts.
  • Enhance product quality: From proactive service alerts to analyzing the manufacturing process and testing component quality, big data holds a wealth of insight that can inform manufacturing efforts for companies that can process and analyze it accurately.
  • Optimize the supply chain: Internal suppliers, external suppliers, transportation providers and inventories generate massive amounts of complex data. Hadoop can collect and analyze the structured and unstructured data collected by supply chain managers, RFID tags and manufacturing floor sensors to generate lead-time analysis that helps prevent stock-outs, breakdowns and delays in the process. 

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