"Why Static Stinks" - podcast overview

How can organizations understand the trends of each individual consumer? In a recent podcast, Tom Deutsch program director of IBM's Big Data Portfolio, spoke with IBM's social media lead for big data, David Pittman, on how big data technologies can improve the “market of one” between businesses and consumers.

Based on Deutsch's recent blog post, “Why Static Stinks,” he further explains why non-personal recommendations – “static,” in other words – are bad. He believes it is important to understand not only the trends of consumers, but who we are. If not, the recommendation just comes across as marketing, which is not fully illustrating why that product or service would be helpful to the individual.

Throughout the podcast, Deutsch explains several use cases for big data technologies and gives examples of how this data could and should be used by companies. He says that the ability to act at a rapid velocity to change, to make the project more relevant, timely and contextual, will help the project be viewed as helpful in the eyes of the consumer. Interaction with customers is key, which is why every company needs to use personalized recommendations.

After all, Deutsch says, “static recommendations really do stink.”

Listen to the "Why Static Stinks" podcast.