Win with AI: How to move up the maturity curve

Watch Rob Thomas of IBM on theCube

Creative and Editorial Lead, Data and AI, IBM

Rob Thomas, general manager of IBM Analytics, sat down with Dave Vellante in New York City on the eve of the 13 September taping of the Win with AI digital broadcast to talk about the evolution of big data and how clients can take the next leap forward into self-service analytics before using AI to grow their business. 

"Most [companies] are right in the middle between BI, data warehousing and self-service analytics. It requires you to take a couple of steps back and look at your data. It’s hard to provide self-service analytics if you don’t have a data catalog, if you don’t have data security and if you haven’t gone through the process of data governance. Sometimes you have to take one step back to take two steps forward. That’s why I see a lot of people stuck in the middle."

This is one of six interviews on theCube you can watch to gain valuable insights from leaders and key clients who are on the journey to AI. 

Don’t miss the replay of the #WinWithAI digital broadcast featuring industry leaders from Experian, Geisinger, GuideWell, Nedbank, Niagara Bottling and Mueller.

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