Workload Management for Growing Data

Social Lead for IBM Analytics - Financial Services Sector, IBM

The sheer amount of data your business deals with continues to grow. And you have to make sure that data is handled properly through a solid data governance program to keep it clean, accurate and accessible to the right people.

BLU-tweetchat-Sept18-220px.pngMaybe you’re lucky enough to hire a couple more employees to help manage your IT infrastructure- but you’re likely still beholden to existing service level agreements and reporting demands. In fact, your reporting needs and expectations may even be tightening, with c-level employees requesting more frequent, more detailed reports. Maybe you now have a whole team of business analysts tasked with running complex analytic queries on your database.

This perfect storm of increasing demands can quickly overwhelm even a large database server, but BLU Acceleration automated workload management capabilities are designed to ensure service levels are maintained, even when an overwhelming number of users are accessing the data. 

Join us for our next #ibmblu twitterchat on Wednesday, September 18 at 1 PM ET as we discuss how workload management can help you manage your growing data. We’ll use the questions below as a starting point – feel free to ask your own in the comments.

  • How are your workload needs changing with big data?
  • What is automated workload management? How has it evolved?
  • As data sets grow bigger, do service levels need to adapt accordingly?
  • Are analytics workload demands increasing?
  • What effect does rapid response times (or speed of thought) have on workload management?   
  • Do you plan on a convergence of OLTP and OLAP workloads into a single database? Or do you still plan to have warehouses that source data from multiple OLTP systems?