[x+1]: Innovation in Audience Targeting

VP & General Manager, Digital Media at IBM Netezza, Netezza, an IBM Company

[x+1], a leading audience targeting platform,  has achieved remarkable success in executing marketing campaigns for their clients by analyzing massive volumes of advertising data in near real-time.  Their story is highlighted in the case study materials below, and while it is compelling for many reasons, I’d like to highlight three key takeaways:

First, [x+1] delivered 20% growth in digital sales.  Hard ROI metrics like this demonstrate the payoff for marketers that invest in data-centric innovation.  As an aside, Leon Zemel, [x+1]’s Chief Analytics Officer, highlights the importance of collecting sales data for use by their proprietary Predictive Optimization Engine.  If the best you can do is optimize on clicks, you may wind up maximizing the clicks that your campaign delivers, but this can be very different from maximizing the revenue that your campaign delivers.

Takeaway:  Breaking down the barriers between data silos creates tremendous value for marketers - a common theme that we see repeated across the majority of our digital media customers.

Second, [x+1]’s campaign optimization algorithm acknowledges that frequency is one of the most powerful tools in a marketer’s campaign arsenal, and it predicts the “Optimal Frequency Range” for each individual touched by each campaign.  This is important because, as Leon says, “The family guy with two cars may require more message exposure to get him to consider switching brands than a person buying their first car.”

Takeaway:  The marketer’s “best practice” of treating different people differently applies not only to matching the right message with the right person at the right time, but also to how frequently that message should be delivered for each unique individual.

Third, [x+1] acknowledges that the massive data capture and high-speed analysis they perform could not be accomplished effectively with traditional database technologies.  As Leon says, “For this single client, we collect five billion cross-channel marketing impressions per month from all its marketing activities. This is where we really use the power of IBM Netezza.”

Takeaway:  Marketers that most quickly analyze the most data are the ones that win.

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