Is your business ready for the Internet of Things?

Informix Marketing Manager, IBM

The world we live in is transforming in ways we never dreamed of with the emergence of smart, connected devices such as smart phones, smart cars, smart homes, wearables, and the list goes on.

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This evolution is, of course, the Internet of Things: the things we use everyday which have become more connected and, yes, have databases inside.

The Internet of Things is changing the way we live and do business: billions of connected devices are driving demand for new services, faster development of applications and real-time access to information; the consumer and corporate worlds are intermingling with multi-purpose devices that are carried to work and used in personal life; and not to mention the huge data influx, which increases by 2.5 gigabytes every day.

The Internet of Things is ushering in an unprecedented opportunity for growth and new revenue streams—is your business ready?

So, you have the data, but how do you use it in meaningful ways?

  • Are you capturing the data at the device level? 
  • Are you consolidating it at a gateway so you’re only using the data you need? 
  • Can you make decisions on a dime? 
  • Are you doing the right things with your data in the cloud? 
  • Can you take new services to market in record time?

Harnessing the data from billions of connected devices lies in the ability to store, access and query structured and unstructured data together. This leverages all of your data and produces actionable insights. Informix technology is a big part of this massive transformation and offers unique database capabilities. Informix manages SQL and NoSQL/JSON data seamlessly and provides an enterprise-class database embedded on devices and gateways which brings intelligence and local decision-making to the edge. Informix has embedded ARM/Intel support, handles multiple data types (including time series) produces faster analytics with in-memory queries and has new IoT services in IBM Bluemix. The result of all this capability is rapid development of web and mobile applications and speed-of-thought insight across all data for fast business decisions.

The Internet of Things presents tremendous growth opportunities, an entrée to expanding markets and creation of new revenue streams. Businesses that embrace and harness the explosion of data in meaningful ways will capitalize on IoT and gain competitive edge.

Informix is bridging the gap between new computing technologies designed for big data, cloud and mobile computing with the enterprise world of relational data. Join IBM’s Kevin Brown as he presents an eSeminar “Internet of Things: Choose an Intelligent Database” to show you how.