Is your infrastructure designed for big data?

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Learn why infrastructure matters more than ever before

The statistics are staggering. We are creating 2.3 trillion gigabytes of data per day, and by 2015 we’ll generate 40 times that amount. With every data point comes opportunity, but businesses must first understand how to transform their IT infrastructure to meet these challenges, while running their day-to-day business.

But what if we could show clients how they can go over 50 times faster?

IBM Power Systems is delighted to be a part of Impact this year to share how IBM is bringing real solutions to solve theses big data problems. After a $2.4 billion investment and three-plus years of development, we are introducing our new Power Systems lineup, built on POWER8. These systems are truly designed for data and underscore IBM's singular commitment to providing higher-value, open technologies to clients—ones built to solve their big data problems. 

Having the right insights at the right time can separate an organization from competitors and provide unprecedented opportunities for growth. With a balanced data-centric design, IBM Power Systems deliver insights at the point of impact when it matters most. Built with innovation to support the most challenging and complex data-hungry applications (from operational and computational to business and cognitive Watson solutions) IBM Power Systems are optimized for performance and can scale to support the most demanding workloads needed by today’s smarter enterprise.

What does it mean to be designed for data? What's really important when designing systems for data is compute, memory and I/O network. Since the inception of Power Systems, they have been designed to deliver a balanced system that is clearly differentiated for big data workloads. This new generation of Power Systems, built with POWER8 technology, continues this tradition and takes it to a whole new level. The result can be insights up to 50 times faster than with x86 systems and includes the following innovations: 

  • Processors. Flexible, fast execution of analytics algorithms with 4 times the threads per core verses. x86.
  • Memory.  Large, fast workspace to maximize business insight with 4 times the memory bandwidth verses. x86.
  • Data Bandwidth. Bringing massive amounts of information to compute resources in real-time with 2.4 times more I/O bandwidth than POWER7.

It’s a very exciting time for Power Systems as we share how these changes will impact Cloud, analytics and open innovation. We’ll also be sharing how the POWER architecture is the cornerstone of innovation for the OpenPOWER Foundation, and some innovations from members including Google, Mellanox, Tyan and NVIDIA. For more details on our Impact activities be sure to check out the following blogs:

Of particular interest to those grappling with big data challenges will be our "Tap into the New Currency of Data with Systems Designed for Big Data & Analytics Performance" session on Wednesday at 10:30 a.m. In this session, Bob Friske from IBM will join Bob Venable and Randy Wilson from BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee to talk about the new POWER8 processor and architecture. Here you’ll learn about: 

  • Our new first generation of systems. Built on POWER8 innovative design, optimized for big data and analytics
  • IBM Solution for BLU Acceleration. Next generation in-memory database technology for analytics at the speed of thought                         
  • IBM Solution for Analytics. Enable rapid deployment of business and predictive analytics             
  • IBM Solution for Hadoop. Innovation that optimizes unstructured big data performance

So come join us at Impact to understand how Power Systems can change your technology landscape and follow along with us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter