Announcing the Journey to AI Blog, the new home for IBM data and AI stories

Announcing the Journey to AI Blog, the new home for IBM data and AI stories

July 29, 2020
Welcome to the Journey to AI Blog, the new home for blog storytelling from across the IBM Data and AI business. Here you’ll find the latest news, client features, product launches, industry innovator spotlights and thought leadership from IBM executives. Now more than ever, digital transformation...

Why healthcare needs big data and analytics

July 28, 2020 | by Holly Vatter, Product Marketing Manager for Data Lake & Cloudera Partnership, IBM
The COVID-19 global pandemic has heightened the focus on collecting, analyzing, and leveraging big data to drive positive and lifesaving outcomes. Yet the volume, velocity, and variety of data generated by COVID-19 is too vast and complex to be analyzed by traditional means. A governed data lake,...

Upgraded agility for the modern enterprise with IBM Cloud Pak for Data

July 27, 2020 | by Mukta Singh, Program Director of IBM Data and AI, IBM
Your data and AI tools are important, and outcomes are critical, but with today’s data-driven world, businesses must accelerate outcomes while improving IT cost efficiency. But how do you achieve this?  First, Data and AI initiatives must have intelligent workflows where the data lifecycle can work...

Stephanie Wagenaar, the problem-solver: Using AI-infused analytics to establish trust

July 27, 2020 | by Dan Cheuvront, Content Producer, IBM
Follow @IBMData This story is part of Analytics Heroes, a series of profiles on leaders transforming the future of business analytics. Stephanie Wagenaar is a senior manager at BOLD, based in Baarn, the Netherlands. BOLD is a consultancy firm that supports businesses by combining strategies with...

Sébastien Piednoir: a delicate dance on a regulatory tightrope

July 24, 2020 | by Thomas LaMonte, Content Marketing Director, IBM Data and AI, IBM
Follow @IBMData Regulations are the music to which businesses perform a delicate dance. If you took to the stage, a move or two out of sync would not cause the floor to drop out from underneath your steps. But for businesses moving to the rhythm of regulations, most particularly for banks and other...

Making IBM Cloud Pak for Data more accessible—as a service

July 21, 2020 | by Maia Sisk, Director, SaaS Offering Management, IBM Data and AI, IBM Cloud and Cognitive Software
Follow @IBMData At IBM, we understand both the exponential benefits AI can offer your organization as well as the unique challenges implementation can present. In 2018, we formalized the AI Ladder to provide a prescriptive approach to successful AI, and to impart lessons we've learned through over...

Ready for trusted insights and more confident decisions? Join us at Data and AI Virtual Forum

July 20, 2020 | by Carol Samuel, Program Director, Marketing for Planning Analytics and Cognos, IBM Corporation
Follow @IBMData Most organizations know that AI is becoming a requirement for their data and analytics. But with this realization also comes the challenges of trusting AI outcomes. It’s true that AI can help users get faster and more accurate answers and insights. It supports better plans, budgets...

Are you building AI that your customers will trust?

Join the Data and AI Virtual Forum on July 29

July 20, 2020 | by Paul Ambraz, Director of Marketing, IBM Data and AI, IBM
In the current business climate, digital transformation is imperative. Across every industry, organizations are building and scaling AI to create new ways of doing business. But businesses face some common challenges in their journey to AI, including talent scarcity, data complexity, and a lack of...
IBM Watson Studio named a 2020 Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice: Q&A with a lead architect

IBM Watson Studio named a 2020 Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice: Q&A with a lead architect

July 17, 2020 | by Julianna Delua, Portfolio Lead, Watson Studio Data and AI, Cloud, IBM
IBM Watson Studio enables organizations to develop models and simplify and scale AI across any cloud while simultaneously automating the AI lifecycle. What do end users say about it? Here are a few quotes from among 94 reviews of Watson Studio on Gartner Peer Insights, a free peer review and...

Optimize your business intelligence solution on IBM Cloud Pak for Data

July 14, 2020 | by Nickolus Plowden, BI Portfolio Marketing Manager, IBM
Follow @IBMData At a point in the not-too-distant future, AI will comprise an integral part of everyday business tools. But you need not wait for tomorrow, because, IBM Cognos® Analytics puts AI in the hands of users today to help them prepare, analyze, visualize their data and share insights...