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Cybersecurity: Protecting Infrastructure from Cyber Attacks

June 5, 2013 | 1:00:25


Cyber security is something that most of us don’t see or experience on a regular basis, but it is definitely something we will all feel – and feel quickly – if there is a large security breach, particularly if it affects of national infrastructure or financial systems. We have assembled a panel of experts who can talk about the challenges associated with detecting and preventing cyber attacks – and the role that big data plays.

John Allen is President of the Grid Protection Alliance, he is responsible for the development and direction of a smart grid cyber testing and analytic organization, along with applications development and training initiatives.

Michael Assante President & Chief Executive Officer of the National Board of Information Security Examiners. He is an internationally recognized expert and thought leader in information and cyber security, a former U.S. Navy intelligence officer with experience in information warfare and information security management, and the recipient of many awards in his field.

Alex Philp is Founder and President of GCS Research, an internationally recognized, award-winning leader in advanced geospatial information technology solutions, and Founder and former CTO of TerraEchos, a big data analytics company that has provided innovative solutions to public and private organizations for the protection of both physical and electronic infrastructure.