The adjutant general’s role in emergency management

Webcast | March 24 at 2:00 PM ET

State guard organizations are an essential resource for a governor faced with a large-scale emergency. Accordingly, the state’s adjutant general, a direct subordinate of the state governor, leads the state guard’s response to emergency situations.

However, emergency managers and other first responders sometimes find the adjutant general’s role an ambiguous one. Register for this webcast to join Emergency Management magazine and Dr. Gary Nestler and Dr. Steve Chan, both of IBM, for a discussion of the role of the adjutant general in the modern emergency management environment:

  • What challenges do adjutants general face? What challenges can they expect to face in years to come?
  • How do Presidential Preparedness Directives and Homeland Security Preparedness Directives affect the missions and actions of adjutants general?
  • What role do adjutants general have in protecting water, power and other critical infrastructure during emergencies?
  • How can the Internet of Everything (IoE) inform the daily activity of adjutants general and the organizations they lead amid a torrent of data streams?