#BigDataMgmt Twitter chat: Big data myths

#BigDataMgmt Twitter Chat | January 8, 2014 - 12:00pm

Big data has acquired a shockingly large body of myths in its short history as a prevailing business-technology paradigm. Depending on who you talk to, big data's myths present it either as a utopian vision or dystopic nightmare for the human race. Many organizations have bet their businesses on big data, but still struggle to cut through the veil of myths that obscure the true value of this technology.

In our next #BigDataMgmt Twitter chat, Professor Kirk Borne, data scientist, and Neil Raden, CEO and Principal Analyst of Hired Brains, join us as we debunk some of the big data myths. James Kobielus, IBM’s big data evangelist, and Tom Deutsch, program director for big data, will also join the conversation. You can follow alongand join the discussionusing the hashtag #BigDataMgmt.

Here are the myths and questions we’ll be discussing as well as reference articles to help inspire the January 8 discussion at 12:00 p.m. EST.

#BigDataMgmt Discussion Questions

  • Is big data only about massive volume?
  • Does big data always trump small data?
  • Is big data limited to analyzing unstructured data?
  • Is big data primarily used for analyzing social media and customer sentiment?
  • Does big data only refer to Hadoop?
  • Is Hadoop primarily for batch processing?
  • Do you need to be a data scientist in order to work with big data?
  • Are all data scientists Ph.D. statisticians?
  • Do data scientists need fancy power tools to get their work done?

#BigDataMgmt Reference Articles

#BigDataMgmt Twitter chat guest bio

kirk borne.jpegKirk Borne is a Multidisciplinary Data Scientist and an Astrophysicist. He is Professor of Astrophysics and Computational Science in the George Mason University School of Physics, Astronomy and Computational Sciences (SPACS). He received his B.S. degree in physics from LSU and his Ph.D. in astronomy from Caltech. He has been at Mason since 2003. Previously, he spent nearly 20 years in positions supporting NASA projects, including NASA's Data Archive Project Scientist for the Hubble Space Telescope, and as Project Manager in NASA's Space Science Data Operations Office. He has extensive experience in big data and data science, including expertise in scientific data mining. He has advised several federal agencies on data mining and big data applications, including the Executive Office of the President, the Library of Congress, National Weather Service, FDA Office of Drug Safety, and the NITRD Big Data Senior Steering Group. He is currently working on research, design and development for the proposed Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST).

neil raden.jpegNeil Raden is CEO and Principal Analyst of Hired Brains Research, and a member of the Boulder BI Train Trust. A well-known industry analyst, author, lecturer and practitioner, Neil’s experience as a developer, consultant and analyst covers analytics and decision services including big data strategy and implementation, business intelligence, data warehousing, predictive modeling and decision management. He has authored more than 40 white papers and articles, and his work has been published on Forbes and in "Smart (Enough) Systems" (Prentice Hall, 2007), as well as on the Hired Brains blog.

tom deutsch.jpgTom Deutsch serves as a Program Director on IBM’s big data team. He played a formative role in the transition of Hadoop-based technology from IBM Research to IBM Software Group, and he continues to be involved with IBM Research big data activities and transition from Research to commercial products. Tom created the IBM BigInsights Hadoop-based product, and has spent several years helping customers with Apache Hadoop, BigInsights and Streams technologies, identifying architecture fit, developing business strategies and managing early stage projects across more than 200 customer engagements. He also co-authored the popular book “Understanding Big Data,” as well as many other papers.

james kobielus.jpgAs IBM's big data evangelist, James Kobielus is IBM Senior Program Director, Product Marketing, Big Data Analytics solutions. He is an industry veteran, a popular speaker and social media participant and a thought leader in big data, Hadoop, enterprise data warehousing, advanced analytics, business intelligence, data management and next best action technologies.