Build scalable cognitive solutions with Watson Explorer

Webcast | Thursday, February 15th at 11:00 AM EST

Businesses are creating data at a staggering pace. In 2018, data creation is expected to outpace previous years because of explosive growth in artificial intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain and continued digital transformation of businesses.

IDC estimates that more than 90 percent of data created today is unstructured. It’s being created every day by employees, customers and partners in the form of emails, blogs, customer surveys, reports, documents and social media posts. While more data is good for businesses, companies are barely equipped to harness the power of the ever-growing unstructured data. Unstructured data contains valuable insights necessary to fuel future growth of businesses. A shortage of data science skills makes it even more challenging to uncover hidden patterns and actionable insights from the vast amount of data. 

Register for the live webinar to learn how new IBM Watson Explorer can help you discover cognitive insights and actionable advice from all your data and get an exclusive demo on the brand new cognitive platform.

Power of AI for your business

The new Watson Explorer is a powerful platform for delivering cloud based cognitive solutions to organizations. The new private-cloud-ready architecture enables clients to bring AI on-premises to their business, where it can deliver value from all their information including sensitive, structured and unstructured data. The new cognitive miner advises users by guiding them to reveal trends and patterns in unstructured data. Most importantly, Watson Explorer is highly scalable. It enables users to build and leverage highly custom cognitive solutions at scale. 

A cognitive assistant for all 

New Watson Explorer acts as your cognitive assistant by guiding your navigation to discover the most relevant data in a few clicks. Its natural language processing capabilities help you ask question easily and view the results in context. You can quickly build a highly customized view of all your information without any data science skills. Watson Explorer is for everyone, including business analysts, call center agents or  data scientists. It’s based on open standards and offers  complete flexibility in choosing your deployment environment: public, private or hybrid cloud. 

Join the webcast on Thursday, 15 February at 11 AM EST to learn from IBM experts how to apply the power of Artificial Intelligence to all your data to take your business to the next level.