#CXO Chat: Sharpening Marketing Instruments for a Better Customer Experience

Twitter Chat | March 18, 2013 - 12:00pm

 “The biggest data systems today are focused on web analytics, ad optimization, and the like. Many of today’s most popular architectures were weaned on ads and marketing, and have their ancestry in direct marketing plans. They’re just more focused than the comparatively blunt instruments with which direct marketers used to work.

The number of contact points in a company has multiplied significantly. Where once there was a phone number and a mailing address, today there are web pages, social media accounts, and more. Tracking users across all these channels — and turning every click, like, share, friend, or retweet into the start of a long funnel that leads, inexorably, to revenue is a big challenge.” [Excerpt from Three Kinds of Big Data ]

In our next tweetchat guest host, Alistair Croll, co chair of Strata and co-author of Lean Analytics, joins us as we discuss “Sharpening Marketing Instruments for a Better Customer Experience.” Join the conversation by following the hashtag #CXO on Monday, March 18th at 12PM ET.

Three lucky #cxo chatters will win a copy of Alistair’s book Lean Analytics!