Join IBM at NACHA's PAYMENTS 2017 event

In-Person Event | April 23-26, 2017, Austin, TX

Attend the PAYMENTS 2017 event in Austin, Texas from April 23 - 26, 2017, here's why:

  • Choose from more than 130 sessions and workshops featuring payments and innovation experts
  • Hear from industry leaders who are driving and adopting innovative payments solutions and practices
  • Meet thousands of payments system stakeholders, from business end-users to financial and technology services organizations
  • Debate and explore issues and opportunities that are top priorities for the future
  • Meet IBM experts in the areas of emerging immediate payment networks, fraud prevention and blockchain

NACHA (National Automated Clearing House Association), is hosting this event. They manage the development, administration and governance of the ACH Network - the backbone of the electronic movement of money and data in the US. 

IBM is excited to be part of PAYMENTS 2017 to showcase the payments platform of the future: a new payments ecosystem that is agile, secure and instant. IBM is helping financial institutions modernize and reinvent their payment platform by radically simplifying processes and reducing costs while delivering the real-time payment services its customers and the industry demand. Leveraging IBM’s deep expertise and smarter technologies, banks are empowered to adopt the best attributes of speed and agility with scale and security to sustain industry differentiation and thrive in the cognitive computing era.

Leaders in this new payment environment will be quick, incorporating new delivery approaches, instant payment processing and real-time fraud prevention methods that scale securely to meet the demands of the business.

Attend an education session on April 25, 2017, at 2:30 pm:

Preventing Instant Payments Fraud

Bank-to-bank financial transactions can quickly become vulnerable to fraud attacks from the bank card and mobile payments. Speaker, Constantin von Altrock, will discuss the value of real-time profiling of transactions, which assesses fraud risk in milliseconds to decline fraudulent transactions before they are credited. This fraud prevention is achievable through next generation cognitive computing, which combines artificial intelligence and human expertise to detect real fraud patterns. This solution has been the first fraud prevention system used with the UK faster payment system, and recently selected by the largest European ACH provider. Constantin von Altrock is the co-founder of Iris Analytics and director of IBM Safer Payments.

Blockchain Explained: Use Cases & Successes
Blockchain is driving the reinvention of many of the world's most fundamental business interactions. The simple construct of a distributed ledger has altered how we exchange value, as well as understand ownership of an asset in the digital age. Join speakers Nitin Gaur and Tim Richer as they advance the idea of blockchain as a powerful open source approach, and help the industry progress toward a mature technology to support serious business. Session attendees will have the opportunity for Q&A and see live demonstrations of blockchain technology in action both in the session and at the IBM booth located in the exhibit hall. Nitin Gaur is director of IBM Blockchain Labs, and Tim Richer is Blockchain Marketing Leader, IBM.

Visit booth number 507 to meet IBM experts, attend a talk and watch a demo.

Experts will be available to have a conversation with you in the areas of emerging immediate payment networks, fraud prevention and blockchain.

On Monday, April 24, 2017, at 12:45 pm or Tuesday, April 25, 2017, at 3:45 pm attend this talk featuring Sri Chawla:

  • The Optimal Payments Platform of Future

For a more in-depth look at the IBM offerings, explore these four informative demos:

  • A cohesive payments platform approach: from real-time payments (TCH, Zelle, SEPA Instant Payments) to legacy platform modernization
  • A cognitive approach to payment processing: from self service on-boarding to the treasury management dashboard
  • Real-time fraud prevention for ACH & wires
  • Prevention at the speed of fraud: delivering the power of machine learning into the hands of fraud analysts