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How data influences design

May 2, 2014 | 2:00 pm EDT | 28:10


Over the past few years, the technology industry is filled with examples of how data analytics has reshaped our world. Recently, we've seen companies begin to experiment with how data can inform design, from products they produce to the experiences they offer. As we see the industry pushing data into new, unexpected corners, how will data continue to influence design decisions? 
That's what our expert panel will discussed. Shannon Miller (@shannonwmiller) is the Global Strategy Leader for IBM Interactive Experience. He manages global direction and strategy for the practice, working with teams in major markets around the world.
Tracey Wallace (@TraceWall) is content marketing manager at Umbel and a freelance writer covering the intersection of fashion, beauty, tech and start-ups. She writes about big data, start-up culture and diversity and women in tech. Her work has appeared on Mashable, Wired, ELLE, and other publications.
Peter Kim (@peterkim) is the Chief Strategy Officer and Principal Analyst at Constellation Research, delivering insight and analysis to business strategists and the entire C-suite. Peter focuses on customer experience management and the innovation agenda.
Moderating the discussion was David Pittman (@TheSocialPitt), social business strategist for IBM Information & Analytics Group.