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Cloud data rocks out the Roskilde Festival

Cloud data rocks out the Roskilde Festival

When one of Denmark's smallest cities erupts into one of the largest as part of one of the world's most eminent music festivals, how does the town adapt? IBM, Roskilde Music Festival and The Copenhagen Business School (CBS) came together to gather and understand terabytes of data generated by the event to help make it one of the most efficient, sustainable, and enjoyable festivals in the world.

Ten days of infinite unknowns

The Roskilde Festival is "the perfect microcosm of a complex modern city." It generates immense amounts of data, both structured and unstructured, generated from geospatial, social media and a multitude of other sources. 

Enter the data laboratory

To help gather, process, store, and analyze the Festival's data:

  • The IBM Bluemix platform on the SoftLayer infrastructure—a cloud-based analytics environment—provided the backbone.
  • dashDB, a managed data warehousing platform, stored the data.
  • SPSS, an intuitive visual modeler, cleaned and merged the data.
  • SoftLayer’s AutoScale service automatically scaled the data.
  • IBM Watson Analytics offered real-time analytics for non-technical users.

A gateway of geospatial data

Festival goers opted-in via more than 60,000 smartphones to share information about their activities in real-time, and the behavior of the crowds was visualized in polygons and color-coded, time-lapsed animations—91 million rows of data was used to create 60 seconds of time-lapse.

Data in motion

Information took shape: The sale of food and average over time, the popularity of the various artists, the usage of bathroom facilities and parking, and so on created a comprehensive view of what was happening at the festival.

Real-time, operational decisions

By making this wealth of data accessible to non-data scientists, the Festival gained insights enabling better operational decisions that will minimize food waste, improve security, and optimize the festival experience.

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