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Little Data vs. Big Data - Big Data Bytes Live Debate

June 21, 2013 | 2:00 PM ET | 36:36


On a recent Harvard Business Review Blog Network post, Mark Bonchek took the position that "Little Data Makes Big Data More Powerful," which spurred a lively debate in the comments. For the Friday, June 21, episode of "Big Data Bytes," we are pleased to continue that discussion with three of the prominent commenters: Nucleus Research Analyst Hyoun Park (@hyounpark), Digital Strategist and HBR Blogger Mark Bonchek (@markbonchek), and noted Big Data Author Tom Deutsch (@thomasdeutsch).

Through this videochat, we are looking to start an ongoing dialogue on this topic. I encourage you to post your questions and comments on “little data” right here on this page. The three featured guests will reply to your questions and comments.

As background, read these posts by our guests:

Little Data Makes Big Data More Powerful - - by Mark Bonchek

It's about Little Data, Not Big Data - - by Hyoun Park