The Analytics Connections podcast: Media and entertainment in the cognitive era

The Analytics Connections podcast: Media and entertainment in the cognitive era


Our guest, business advisor, author and commentator Shelly Palmer, host of Fox Television’s Emmy-nominated show Shelly Palmer Digital Living. In this episode, Shelly talked to us about his upcoming IBM Insight 2015 session, scheduled for Monday, 26 October, at 4:00 PM: “Are Entertainment Companies Ready for Next Generation Data Science?” In this episode, we discuss the insight economy as it relates to the media and entertainment industry, focusing on the path to the cognitive computing era and beyond.

Using his media and entertainment clients as a point of reference, Shelly also discussed pain points in an ever-changing technological climate, delving into the media crisis he refers to as “ad evil” and describing the solutions he sees on the horizon. For more on the intersection of media and entertainment with technology, connect with Shelly on Twitter @ShellyPalmer, and be sure to bookmark his fascinating blog to get the scoop on the latest technology, media and entertainment news.

To see how media companies are reinventing themselves in a connected customer and digital marketplace, attend IBM Insight 2015, scheduled for 25–29 October in Las Vegas, at the Mandalay Bay. IBM solutions are transforming media and entertainment, paving a way to the cognitive computing era. At Insight 2015, learn how the insight economy is driving the media industry to reinvent itself, changing a once content-centric model to a consumer-centric one.

Media and entertainment companies across the globe are turning information into business insight to boost production, enhance cross-channel distribution and drive value creation, building intelligent operations that can help cut costs and heighten agility. For example, behavior-based audience insights for media and entertainment help television broadcast networks enhance program content while enabling a sustainable consumer experience in the rapidly changing environment of the insight economy. Thanks to the power of advanced analytics, businesses can now personalize the viewer experience while predicting behavior ever more accurately, boosting both revenues and viewer market share.

If you can’t make it out to Vegas, don’t worry—you can still experience IBM Insight live and on demand with IBMGO, a free interactive digital platform making all IBM Global Conferences available anytime and anywhere. Engage and interact in real time with industry influencers and peers in a social space designed to facilitate collaboration and networking.

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