The Analytics Connections podcast: Telecom’s path to the insight economy

The Analytics Connections podcast: Telecom’s path to the insight economy


Discover how analytics solutions can help telecommunications companies harness data, allowing them to gain insight into customer needs—and, in doing so, heighten loyalty, enhance networks, manage costs and boost profits. To learn all this and more, attend IBM Insight 2015, scheduled for 25–29 October in Las Vegas, at the Mandalay Bay.

But if you can’t make it out to Vegas, don’t worry—you can still experience IBM Insight live and on demand with IBMGO, a free interactive digital platform making all IBM Global Conferences available anytime and anywhere. Take advantage of the unique opportunity presented by IBMGO to engage and interact in real time with influencers and peers in a social space designed for collaboration and networking.

You can also request a free IBM Analytics for Telecommunications workshop that can help you learn how to use predictive analytics to understand who your subscribers are and how they use your services, as well as how you can entice them to stay. For example, you can use Subscriber Analytics and Segmentation to create subscriber micro-segments based on subscriber usage, digital behavior and channel interaction, then rely on data-driven insights provided by IBM Customer Experience Analytics to optimize your customers’ experience and boost the quality of the service you provide.

In today’s ever-changing telecommunications market, businesses can create micro-segments of subscribers according to subscriber usage, channel interaction and mobility patterns, allowing marketing efforts to be focused appropriately. Indeed, the need for telecommunications companies to differentiate based on customer experience has never been greater. Now is your time to lead in the insight economy, transforming how you use data analytics, building an insight-driven culture and disrupting the entire marketplace by reshaping the boundaries of what is possible.

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