Becoming a cognitive business

Becoming a cognitive business


The era of cognitive business has arrived. Cognitive systems such as IBM Watson ingest unstructured data in all its forms just as humans do—understanding natural language, generating hypotheses based on evidence and learning as they go. What’s more, cognitive processes are helping information workers gain insights from a full range of data, cultivating expertise on a previously unthinkable scale.

In this podcast, Andrew Manby, director of market strategy for IBM Analytics, explains how your organization can become a cognitive business. Listen as he outlines four market shifts that are powering the cognitive era, explaining how cognitive computing differs from artificial intelligence while supplying client and industry examples of organizations that have achieved compelling business benefits by becoming cognitive.

For a good strategic overview of trends in cognitive computing, also read the white paper Becoming a Cognitive Business with IBM Analytics, in which Andrew describes how modern businesses are infusing cognitive capabilities into every application, interaction and touch point.