Big data in the Middle East and Africa

Big data in the Middle East and Africa


Ali Rebaie is an Independent Big Data Consultant, President at Data Aurora of Rebaie Analytics Group and one of the Top 100 Big Data Influencers. He aims at growing a community of data enthusiasts, spreading data skills and educating on the use of big data for public good in MEA region. Ali is a frequent speaker at international conferences and regularly trains on data journalism and visualization. He is also a member of the internationally renowned Boulder BI Brain Trust (BBBT).

In giving us a look at the big data market and use cases within the Middle East and Africa region, Ali reminds us of the 5000-year history behind big data, which effectively was born in Mesopotamia. In more present day scenarios, he describes “an exploratory curiosity sandbox,” which is a method he encourages data scientists and organizations adopt for approaching their data-related business problems.

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