Communications Connection: Telecommunications customer retention and loyalty

Communications Connection: Telecommunications customer retention and loyalty


Did you know that 51 percent of US customers switch service providers because of poor experiences? By leveraging analytics, telecommunications providers have the opportunity to improve the customer experience, reduce customer churn and increase customer loyalty.

Telecommunications providers can benefit from the insights that data analytics provide by taking advantage of personalized subscriber engagement. According to the IBM Institute for Business Value, 83 percent of chief executive officers (CEOs) identify customer insights as their most critical investment area. Listen to a podcast discussion to learn more about use cases for analytics and other popular topics in the telecommunications industry. The podcast will answer several key questions about trending topics in the telecommunications industry

  • Why is proactively leveraging analytics important in telecommunications?
  • How can communications service providers (CSPs) utilize analytics to create better experiences for their customers?
  • How is social media part of the telecommunications industry and the customer experience?
  • What is the role of proactive care in the telecommunications industry?
  • How can telecommunications providers reduce call center volumes?
  • How are telecommunications companies balancing the value of personalization without being intrusive?
  • Is the term big data still relevant?

Host: Graeme Noseworthy

Graeme Noseworthy is a marketer on a mission. His sole focus is to develop and deliver the creative content and social media that demonstrate the value IBM products and services provide to communications companies around the world so they can build a smarter planet.

Before rejoining IBM, Noseworthy was senior marketing director at RapidMiner, a midstage analytics start-up in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Prior to that engagement, he spent several years at IBM in various big data and analytics roles supporting the adtech, marketing, and media and entertainment industries. Nosewortthy has also been on the agency side when he worked at a Massachusetts-based advertising firm. After the turn of the century, he survived the dot-com boom and ended up creating and implementing the strategic marketing plans and programs for the previously untapped staffing industry segment at Monster Worldwide. Noseworthy has built a career by serving on the front lines of sales, business development and marketing for a series of industry-leading, high-tech companies and marketing service providers throughout the Commonwealth.

Guest: Ian Gertler

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader. —John Quincy Adams

Ian Gertler is the chief marketing officer (CMO) and founder of Symplegades, and the quote by John Quincy Adams represents his philosophy on leadership. Gertler is an experienced marketing, communications, editorial and digital strategy executive who has focused on connecting the dots between people, processes and technology throughout his career. His experience ranges across industry-leading organizations such as IBM, 1-800-FLOWERS.com, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) and Special Olympics to start-ups that have redefined the norms. Along the way, Gertler has forged relationships with world-class partners and pushed the limits with emerging technologies teams to create positive experiences and make an impact on people’s lives. He currently serves in a variety of board and advisory capacity roles. Referred to as a “strategic SWAT team” by one Fortune 500 CEO, Gertler has garnered countless accolades including the recent Forbes Top 50 CMOs by Social Influence list (September 2014).

Be sure to join this discussion of analytics, and explore the telecommunications resource page for more information about leveraging big data and analytics in the telecommunications industry to improve customer retention and customer loyalty.