Data Decoded E8: Self-service analytics

Data Decoded E8: Self-service analytics


On the latest episode of Data Decoded, we talk about data governance and compliance in the age of self-service with Donald Farmer, Principal at TreeHive Strategy. You’ll hear about the shifting balance in power between business users and IT as well as the change in role of IT from the “gate keepers” of data to its “shop keepers.” 

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02.05 How do I start my governance journey?

02.33 What does self-service actually mean?

07.16 The data environment is changing – here’s what was new in 2018.

12.25 To make better business decisions, ask these 5 fundamental questions.

12.37 Data governance can help eliminate “Garbage In, Garbage Out.”

13.26 Data democratization is driving self-service analytics.

17.56 What is the value of a governed data lake?

18.15 Forget traditional data governance – here are 5 ways to get ahead.

18.18 Digital business needs a trusted data foundation.

20.55 What’s the business value of governed data lakes?

21.07 Why enterprise data warehouse offloading?

22.08 Here’s why Next Gen Execs should care about governance.

22.39 The IBM Journey to GDPR.

25.39 What is metadata?

26.52 Learn more about IBM Unified Governance & Integration.