Data Decoded E9: 2019 Data Trends

Data Decoded E9: 2019 Data Trends


On the latest episode of Data Decoded, we make our predictions for 2019: top data trends, challenges and what chief data officers (CDOs) will need to do to keep up with the ever-changing data landscape. Hear from Michele Goetz, principal analyst at Forrester Research and Jay Limburn, IBM distinguished engineer and director of product management at IBM.

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03.32 Shift from data collection to data consumption.

05.38 How data cataloguing helps analytics cultures evolve.

07.17 Shorten your path to AI with Watson Knowledge Catalog.

07.58 The role of IT as a data steward is shifting with self-service analytics.

09.40 Data integration isn’t a one-trick pony anymore.

15.25 Learn more about Watson Knowledge Catalog.

19.34 Data Governance shouldn’t be another operating silo.

20.28 Infuse data governance in every part of your business with IBM.

21.48 Listen to our previous podcast on blockchain.

22.29 Here’s why CDO’s and other Next-Gen Execs should care about governance.

25.18 Learn more about IBM Unified Governance & Integration.