Data Decoded Podcast E6: 2068

Data Decoded Podcast E6: 2068


How will technology and society change in the next 50 years? On our last podcast, we discussed how technology has evolved in the last 50 years. On our latest episode we look forward to the next 50 years. 2068 may seem far away. But futurists like Rajeev Saxena, IBM Watson and Cloud Platform Program Director and author of Pinto Has an Idea, already have predictions about the technological innovations of 2068. 

Show Notes

00.08 Demystify the world of data with IBM Expert Advice and Unified Governance.

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00.45 Follow Rajeev Saxena on Twitter.

00.47 On our last podcast, we discussed the technological innovations of the last 50 years 

00.50 Previously, our influencers made some predictions about 2018 data trends.

01.22 Watch the book trailer for Pinto Has an Idea.

03.26 Analytics technology has become more advanced, but has information management kept up?

03.47 A more effective future with data requires data democratization.

04.50 Are you prepared to navigate big data or will you be stuck in a data jam?

07.30 Read about the 4 ways IBM Watson’s AI is changing healthcare.

14.02 Got questions about the potential of AI? Ask our IBM Experts.

14.54 Machine Learning could mean big things for the world of Master Data Management.

18.00 Read Rajeev’s book, Pinto Has an Idea.

18.56 Find other episodes of Data Decoded.

19.03 Learn more about IBM Unified Governance & Integration.