Data Decoded Podcast E7: State of MDM

Data Decoded Podcast E7: State of MDM


On this episode of Data Decoded, host William McKnight sits down with Rob Harris (IBM, chief data governance architect) to discuss the current state of Master Data Management (MDM). They explore MDM's many applications to industries that include healthcare and even consumer products like smart watches.

00.18 We’re in the business of data – learn more about Unified Governance & Integration.

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00.34 What is Master Data Management?

02.45 Connect with Rob Harris on LinkedIn.

03.10 Learn more about how artificial intelligence + machine learning are integrating with MDM.

04.30 How can you achieve a 360-degree view of your records?

04.43 Watch how large companies like Zions Bancorporation tackle their data.

06.10 Introducing MDM Express – a new enterprise MDM solution from IBM.

06.12 Watch a demo of MDM Express or try it yourself.

07.13 Establishing trust in your data is crucial for your data environment.

11.28 MDM is recreating the wheel by giving you a 360-degree view of your data.

14.16 Learn more about how information is shared via MDM Cloud.

16.55 Get your data under management – it’s an undeniably the heart of digital transformation.