Data science, machine learning and the CDO - An expert discussion

Data science, machine learning and the CDO - An expert discussion


When the chief data officer (CDO) role emerged a few years ago, the resources available to bolster success in the new position were minimal. The landscape has changed significantly since then, and the exclusive, bi-annual gathering for data executives, the IBM Chief Data Officer Summit, I feel, has been a significant contributing factor. The Fall 2017 event took place October 24-25, 2017, in Boston and saw over 150 senior attendees gather to share the latest innovations, best practices, challenges and use cases, as well as facilitate conversations and connections.

New this year, IBM invited along a band of experts to share their on-the-ground impressions of the conference, the perception of the CDO role amongst audience participants, and discuss how data science and the chief data officer role interact.

Pictured left to right: Mike Tamir, Tripp Braden, Bob Hayes, Chris Penn

Key themes you’ll hear during the podcast:

  • The latest technological innovations, such as cognitive, machine learning, advanced analytics and artificial intelligence
  • How to structure data science teams for success
  • Using data and analytics to optimize your business
  • Putting your data to work

Our panel of experts:

Christopher S. PennVP Marketing TechnologySHIFT Communications and authority on digital marketing, marketing technology, thought-leader, speaker and author. His latest book is Leading Innovation: Building a Scalable, Innovative Organization.

Follow him on Twitter @cspenn

Bob Hayes, President of Business Over Broadway. He conducts research in the area of big data, data science, customer feedback (for example, identifying best practices in customer experience programs, reporting methods and loyalty measurement) and provides consultation services to companies to help them improve how they use their customer data through proper integration and analysis.

Follow him on Twitter @bobehayes

Tripp Braden, Growth Strategist and IBM Futurist, he partners with clients to create an Anticipatory Organization strategy and mindset. The resulting culture breaks down barriers to combine planning and innovation in a way that elevates and accelerates results. He turns strategy into implementable options for increasing market share, revenue and profits.

Follow him on Twitter @TrippBraden

Mike Tamir, Chief Data Scientist, Machine Learning Specialist, Data Science Faculty-Berkeley. He is a data science leader, specializing in deep learning and distributed scalable machine learning. Experienced delivering data products for use cases including text comprehension, image recognition, recommender systems, targeted advertising, forecasting, user understanding and customer analytics. Pioneer in developing training programs in industry focused machine learning and data science techniques.

Follow him on Twitter @MikeTamir

We hope you enjoy this discussion.

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