Finance in Focus: The future of digital wealth management

Finance in Focus: The future of digital wealth management


Industries across the board are facing disruptive innovation in the form of new and emerging technologies. The wealth management industry is no different. The industry is abuzz with the latest news on FinTech, robo-advisors, blockchain, analytics and more. Wealth management firms are beginning to adopt digital technologies to stay competitive in the marketplace and offer their clients a peerless financial planning experience. But what does the future of the industry look like?

In this podcast, wealth management industry experts Alex Baghdjian, Paolo Sironi, Rob Stanich and Brian Walter discuss the future of the wealth management industry, and the disruptive technology that is transforming the industry. How is the wealth management industry responding to FinTech startups? What role does cognitive computing play in wealth management? What will the wealth management industry look like in 2030? Find out the answers to these questions and more in the latest Finance in Focus podcast.

This podcast will answer several key questions about trending topics in the wealth management industry, including:

  • What are some of the biggest changes taking place in the wealth management industry today?
  • How are robo-advisors, goal-based investing and gamification impacting the wealth management industry?
  • How do you picture the future of wealth management, and how is digital going to factor into disruptive innovation?
  • How will global wealth management and wealth management regulation change in upcoming years?
  • What roles do analytics and cognitive computing solutions play in wealth management? How do these financial technologies impact the lives of financial advisors and clients?
  • How are current wealth management firms responding to the latest FinTech innovations?
  • How is FinTech providing an opportunity for disruptive innovation?
  • How is IBM involved in the wealth management market, and is IBM’s role expanding in the industry?

Join us in this discussion of technology in the wealth management industry, and explore the following resources for more information about financial markets analytics and wealth management analytics:

This week's host:

Alex Baghdjian, senior offering associate, financial markets and wealth management, IBM

Alex has a deep knowledge of the financial services industry, specifically financial markets and wealth management. His experiences have revolved around digital wealth management, securities-based lending, mortgage processes, account opening and client segmentation strategy. He is currently a senior offering associate at IBM who focuses on bringing IBM's top cognitive and analytics solutions to the financial services industry.

This week's guests:

Paolo Sironi, thought leader, wealth management and investment analytics, IBM

Paolo is an accomplished leader in the wealth management, FinTech and risk areas, with nearly two decades of experience. Paolo has deep experience in the FinTech space, as he was the Managing Director of a wealth management FinTech for over four years. He also has over 11 years of experience from his time as the Director of Market and Counterparty Risk Management for an investment bank. Paolo is currently an IBM thought leader on the topic of wealth management investment analytics.

Rob Stanich, global wealth management offering manager, IBM

Rob has extensive experience in financial markets and wealth management, with nearly 20 years of experience in the industry. He has 19 years of experience on Wall Street, and 13 of those years were spent as an IBMer. Rob currently acts as the offering manager for IBM wealth management solutions.

Brian Walter, global industry lead, Watson Financial Services, IBM

Brian has been with IBM for over 10 years, and currently acts as the Global Industry Leadership Partner and Wealth Management Lead for Banking and Financial Services within The Watson Group. He has extensive knowledge in the financial services industry. Brian built, grew and sold three businesses that provided services in the financial markets area prior to joining IBM.

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