Finance in Focus: How banks are creating confetti moments

Finance in Focus: How banks are creating confetti moments


Modern customers demand personalized service from their banking providers, requiring financial institutions to deliver ever more value through timely, personalized offers and interactions. Although banks certainly do not suffer a scarcity of data, they sometimes struggle to uncover timely insights from their data for use by front-line employees.

Advanced analytics can help bank employees access and act on deep, immediate customer insights, helping retain customers by engaging them through wow moments that produce abiding customer satisfaction. In this podcast, we explore how advanced analytics can help banks earn their customers’ loyalty:

  • How can front-line employees gain access to customer insight from bank data when they need it?
  • How can looking beyond demographics into behaviors help in delivering personalized service?
  • How have banks created bona fide “confetti moments” for their clients?
  • How can banks reimagine themselves without taking time off from their customers?

Explore the following resources to learn more about how banks can use advanced analytics to woo and keep their customers:

This week’s moderator:

  • Susan Visser, social marketing strategist for IBM Analytics, financial services sector

This week's experts:

  • Boxley Llewellyn, vice president of banking analytics solutions, IBM
  • Matt Kinney, offering manager for banking industry analytics solutions, IBM