Finance in Focus: How advisors can build new business with social media

Finance in Focus: How investors can build new business with social media


Are you ignoring social media? Do you feel that your business is running just fine the way it is? Are the people whom you are trying to attract not active in social media?

Financial services institutions haven’t always been at the head of the pack in adopting social media — and those who do use social media often do so in ad hoc ways. But social media networks aren’t going away, and that makes a strategic plan a necessary part of your overall marketing plan. Indeed, 81% of advisors are already using social media to gain new business—up from 75% last year. Ignoring this way to market could easily mean missing out on earning business essential to your financial success.

In this installment of the Finance in Focus podcast, guests April J. Rudin, founder and president of The Rudin Group, and Marissa Pick, director of social media at the CFA Institute, discuss the importance of actively engaging with social media to build your personal brand and attract additional business. Tune in to hear these industry experts discuss the following questions:

  • Who should engage with social media—advisors, or the company?
  • Should the social media role be delegated to a young intern who is in tune with social media?
  • What barriers to entry hinder engagement in social media?
  • How can an advisor stay out of trouble when using social media?
  • Is social media a branding opportunity for advisors, or a communication tool for clients?
  • What social tools should advisors be using?
  • What are the real dangers of social media?


Marissa Pick is the director of social media at the CFA Institute, where she oversees efforts to reach journalists, legislators, policymakers and investment professionals who play essential roles in shaping the direction of the financial services industry. Pick oversees social media campaigns and strategy and leads a global team whose staff members work in New York, London and Hong Kong. Before joining the CFA Institute, she served as Euromoney Institutional Investor’s social media director. Pick graduated from Fairleigh Dickinson University as a member of the Pi Alpha Alpha Honor Society with a master’s in public administration, and she received her BA in American studies from Brandeis University. Follow Pick on Twitter @MarissaPick, and visit her blog at marissapick.com.

April J. Rudin, founder and president of The Rudin Group, is an acclaimed financial services and wealth management marketing strategist. Rudin, a digital and traditional media expert, is noted for her ability to forecast, analyze and illuminate critical trends in the industry, which allows her to create campaigns that enhance brand and professional visibility. The Rudin Group, founded in 2008, designs bespoke marketing campaigns for some of the world’s most important wealth management and family office firms, focusing on digital strategy and multigenerational marketing. Follow April on Twitter @TheRudinGroup.


Alex Baghdjian, a senior offering associate for financial markets and wealth management with IBM, brings deep knowledge of the financial services industry, particularly financial markets and wealth management. His professional experience revolves around digital wealth management, securities-based lending, mortgage processes, account opening and client segmentation strategy. In his role as a senior offering associate at IBM, he focuses on bringing IBM cognitive and analytics solutions to the financial services industry. Follow Alex on Twitter @AlexBaghdjian.

Rob Stanich, a global wealth management offering manager with IBM, brings extensive experience in financial markets and wealth management, having worked nearly two decades in the industry, including 19 years on Wall Street—13 of them as an IBM employee. Rob serves as the offering manager for IBM wealth management solutions. Follow Rob on Twitter @RobertStanich.


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