Finance in Focus: Innovative business ideas with Lisa Bodell

Finance in Focus: Innovative business ideas with Lisa Bodell


Outthinking is the central theme of IBM Vision 2016—and what better way to outthink the competition than by focusing on innovation? In this podcast, award-winning author and futurist Lisa Bodell discusses innovation, simplicity and IBM Vision 2016 with Doug Barton, director of portfolio marketing at IBM. Together, the two engage in an open and provocative discussion about strategies to drive innovation by reducing complexity in the workplace. Topics discussed include:

  • How can we tap into the power of technology to simplify our tasks, freeing us from tedious work and giving us the time we need to turn our priorities into reality?
  • Where is the revolutionary shift to a mobile app-based culture taking us?
  • What practical steps can businesses make to prepare themselves for the cognitive era?
  • How must companies change if they are to drive innovation?

This week’s experts

This week’s moderator

  • Susan Visser, social marketing strategist for IBM Analytics, financial services sector

Attend IBM Vision 2016 to hear more from Lisa, who will be speaking during the general session for the Outthink Competition on Tuesday, 10 May. While you’re there, meet Lisa to get a signed copy of her book Kill the company: End the status quo, start an innovation revolution.If you aren't able to attend in person, then watch the livestream on IBMGO. You won’t want to miss hearing what she has to say!

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