Finance in Focus: Meet the performance management customer

Finance in Focus: Meet the performance management customer


“Intuitively, you know that more information means better decisions, which is going to mean better business outcomes.”

—Mark Lack, strategy analytics and business intelligence, Mueller Inc.

Performance management solutions are taking center stage in many industries, helping businesses drive efficient financial planning, budgeting and forecasting while also providing accurate predictive insights useful for steering business performance. In this installment of the Finance in Focus podcast series, senior financial analysts from four companies sat down with IBM’s Tony Levy to candidly describe the challenges that led them to adopt performance management solutions. Sit in on this roundtable discussion to discover the business value that this technology has delivered to their companies.

In this podcast, you’ll hear IBM customers share real-world business insights into implementing performance management solutions as they answer the following questions:

  • What industry challenges and capabilities gaps prompted your performance management journey?
  • Why did you choose IBM performance management solutions?
  • What best practices and lessons for implementation have you learned? Are these relevant only to your industry, or do they apply to others as well?
  • What return on investment has your initial implementation provided?
  • If you have implemented via cloud, how did it affect your strategy and results? If you haven’t, do you see cloud in your future?

To learn more, start your own free trial of the IBM Planning Analytics solution to discover how IBM performance management technology can help enhance business outcomes for your organization.

This week’s host:

  • Tony Levy, business unit executive, performance management, IBM

This week’s guests:

  • Jakob Feldhusen, planning, reporting, systems and processes and corporate controller, Deutsche Bahn-Mobility Logistics AG
  • Patrick Patterson, senior manager, financial systems, Jabil, Inc.
  • Mark Lack, manager, strategy analytics and business intelligence, Mueller, Inc.
  • Katrina Yeung, financial systems analyst, Orchard Brands