Finance in Focus: Think big, start small . . . just start now

Finance in Focus: Think big, start small . . . just start now


Banks are moving from a mobile-first mindset to an artificial intelligence (AI)–based approach in their quest to uncover the right insights in the right channels. In this episode of Finance in Focus presents fintech experts David Gerbino, Matt Kinney and Jim Marous. They describe how successful financial institutions are using technologies such as predictive analytics to deliver personalized services in real time, allowing them to respond to individual customer transactions, events and data points.

In this podcast, listen as Jim, David and Matt discuss the reasons why now is the time for banks and credit unions to embrace predictive analytics and how they should think big, start small . . . just start now!

  • How are leading banks using predictive analytics? How effective has this approach been?
  • When Jim speaks of a shift from a mobile-first mindset to an AI-first approach, what does that mean? How would such an approach affect bankers?
  • What technological advances have triggered banks’ increasing adoption of predictive analytics?
  • What pitfalls should banks avoid when using predictive analytics?
  • How can banks connect high-level predictive and prescriptive analytics work with customers and extend it to the field?


  • Jim Marous, owner of the Digital Banking Report and copublisher of the Financial Brand
  • David Gerbino, a fintech, bank and data-driven marketing consultant
  • Matt Kinney, IBM offering manager for banking analytics solutions

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