The first ever Forrester Wave for streaming analytics

The first ever Forrester Wave for streaming analytics


Going, going...gone! That phrase has been used by auctioneers to indicate the final bid opportunity for a hot auction item. Now “going, going, gone” is being used in the world of big data. Why? Organizations realize that they need to act faster by analyzing streaming data and taking action in the moment. Streaming analytics identifies opportunities in real time that would be missed using traditional analytic models that require storing, cleaning and querying data.

Is there a business opportunity hiding in your fast moving big data? The answer is yes and the time to act is now. In fact, to quote from new Forrester Wave: Big Data Streaming Analytics Platforms, “The velocity of business demands streaming analytics.” To help you understand fast moving data, Roger Rea joins us to discuss the streaming analytics market and the results of this first-ever Forrester report on streaming analytics platforms.

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