How is open source transforming cloud computing?

How is open source transforming cloud computing?


Open source technology is a disruptor that never quits, penetrating and transforming established data, analytics and application ecosystems. In this episode of the Open for Data podcast, recorded at IBM InterConnect 2016, listen to author, independent researcher and speaker Joe McKendrick share his expert perspective on how open source initiatives are transforming cloud computing as he responds to the following questions:

  • How do you define cloud computing?
  • What is the most important open-source initiative in cloud computing?
  • What will the cloud computing landscape of 2020 look like?
  • You’ve discussed how cloud computing enables developers to “assemble complete solutions from online components as needed, then just as quickly disassemble the pieces to build something different when they need to change direction . . . for just about any process a business requires . . . [with] much of this . . . available commercially but even more . . . available from open source communities.” What, if any, value can commercially available cloud microservices provide in a world that is moving toward freely available open source alternatives?

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