How is open source transforming data science?

How is open source transforming data science?


Open source technology is a disruptor that never quits, penetrating and transforming established data, analytics and application ecosystems. In this Open for Data podcast, recorded at IBM InterConnect 2016, Bob Hayes, chief research officer at AnalyticsWeek, shares his perspective on how open source initiatives are transforming data science, responding to the following questions:

  • How do you define data science?
  • What is the most important open source initiative in data science?
  • What will the data science landscape of 2020 look like?
  • You’ve discussed how open source projects bring together diverse data professionals—programmers, for example—in service of a common goal? Do you know of an open source collaboration environment that can help make such collaboration more feasible and flexible?

How have your experiences at IBM InterConnect 2016 helped you engage with data science?