IBM Public Sector Talks #4: Cybersecurity in the age of analytics, part 2

IBM Public Sector Talks #4: Cybersecurity in the age of analytics, part 2


Part 1 of our discussion about cybersecurity in the age of analytics dove into our core topic to deal with challenges facing the industry today. In our continued discussion, guests Richard Stiennon and Michael Martin and host Andrew Friedrich field further questions from the audience and describe their ideal cybersecurity scenarios for the future.

This special two-part episode is adapted from IBM Public Sector Watch Google Hangout that took place on June 23, 2015.

This week’s guests

“The next level of defense is to have (1) today eyes on screen and (2) in the future some sort of AI that’s tracking attacks by campaigns—and only then can you do the predictive analytics.”

Richard Stiennon is a veteran of the security industry and, as an industry analyst, has years of experience advising enterprises, vendors and government agencies on their security strategies. He continues to help large enterprises better protect their networks and to help vendors serve those needs. Richard is the author of Surviving Cyberwar (Government Institutes, 2010) and UP and to the RIGHT: Strategy and Tactics of Analyst Influence (IT-Harvest Press, 2012).


“We are definitely at that point now where we can have a much greater ability to detect zero-day vulnerabilities and really understand malware in a deep way so that there are a lot of platforms that can do this—and we are there today; we have those technologies right now.”

Michael Martin is the director of information governance practice for BTRG, focused on delivering information governance and data management solutions for BTRG customers. He brings more than 19 years of experience in the information technology industry specializing in information governance, enterprise implementations and technology solutions. Michael and BTRG have been successfully solving data quality, data growth, data privacy, data security, test data management and compliance problems for Fortune 1000 customers across many industries, such as aerospace and defense, healthcare, financial services, higher education, retail and telecommunications, among others.

This week’s host

Andrew Friedrich is the federal director of big data, cybersecurity and information management solutions. He has an extensive background in security solution design and delivery across national security missions, financial services and state and local government. His employment history spans everything from enterprise software companies to grassroots high-tech startups.



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