IBM Public Sector Talks #5: Big data and privacy in education

IBM Public Sector Talks #5: Big data and privacy in education


The ongoing conversation around big data and privacy is occurring across industries—and the educational sector is no exception. Educators, analysts, parents and concerned citizens are currently debating these matters as educational institutions increasingly analyze student data including student ID card swipes, online discussion forums and grades. Today’s discussion involves big data in education along with privacy considerations.

This episode is adapted from the IBM Public Sector Watch Google Hangout that took place on June 8, 2015.

This week's guests

"This is the irony, right? Higher ed is the least-looked at and scrutinized right now in terms of data systems both on the vendor side and institution side for their own storage and policies but has I think the highest-risk data available."

Jeffrey Alderson is the Principal Analyst Enterprise Software at Eduventures, a research and advisory firm focused on analyzing the transformation of higher education.



"I think you have to be absolutely transparent with students about what you're doing with data and how you're collecting it and how you're using it because I think once you break the trust, it's so hard to ever get that back."

Vi Bergquist is the CIO and VP of IT and Learning Resource Services at St. Cloud Technical & Community College in St. Cloud, Minnesota.



"I think students need to understand what their data is being used for and what the potential implications are."

Susan Bearden is the Director of Information Technology at Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy in Melbourne, Florida, and co-moderator of the popular #EdTechChat.



This week's host

Robert Dolan, Jr. is the worldwide Industry Solutions leader for IBM Analytics, supporting the Government and Education sectors.

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