IBM Public Sector Talks #6: Optimizing large-scale emergency management

IBM Public Sector Talks #6: Optimizing large-scale emergency management


The Public Sector Talks series of podcasts focuses on applying analytics to solve issues facing citizens. In the fifth episode, Jeffrey Alderson, Vi Bergquist and Susan Bearden discussed big data, education and privacy considerations, and the sixth episode will talk about how to prepare for, grasp the scale of and prioritize during large emergency management events.

This week’s guest

“Whilst you can get some very good technology to help you model storm surges, your ability to understand the parameters as to how bad this is going to be—how far this is going to go—that's still dependent on the human operator.”

Satyamoorthy Kabilan is director of national security and strategic foresight for the Conference Board of Canada, where he leads the national security and public safety (NS&PS) team and strategic foresight practice. Dr. Kabilan provides leadership and oversight for all contract research and executive network activities. Dr. Kabilan has co-founded and managed two technology startups and has served as a leader for the Future Security and Intelligence Outlook Network (FUSION).

This week’s host

Dr. Gary Nestler is an associate partner and a public safety and emergency management subject matter expert at IBM.



This week, hear how disparate data sources can be used in collaborative operations to help first responders and key stakeholders achieve accurate situational awareness by attending the webinar “Big data and analytics: the new paradigm in emergency management” on September 29 at 1 PM ET.

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